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Soccer Training American Team

Soccer Training American Team
With the World Cup 2014 in Brazil sending soccer-hungry fans in the United States into a frenzy, the increased need for information regarding the training program of the United States Men's National Soccer Team (USMNT) comes as no surprise. While the details of the training program are held under lock and key, so to speak, for understandable reasons, we can surmise many things about it based on news reports and interviews.

The team's recent successes also point to the effective methods applied by Jurgen Klinsmann, its coach and himself a soccer legend, in training the players. In the 2014 World Cup, for example, the United States has made two consecutive trips - its first in its history - to the knockout stage.

Klinsmann apparently brings a European mindset with American sensibilities into the soccer training program for the players. For the 2014 World Cup, the players include Clint Dempsey, Jozy Altidore, Michael Bradley, Tim Howard, and Aron Jóhannsson.

During the Stanford training program, a typical day for the players included:

• Half-hour runs in the early mornings on an empty stomach
• Breakfast and shower
• First practice session
• Lunch
• Second practice session
• Dinner followed by bed at an early hour

Indeed, the training program in preparation for big soccer events, even exhibition matches, with the biggest event being the FIFA World Cup is physically and mentally grueling, to say the least.

Klinsmann also demands his players to always give it their best shot regardless of the time, place and players involved during each training session, each practice game, and each professional game. In a practice, for example, where 20 players were performing passing drills, Klinsmann chastised the players for playing as if they were at a funeral.

Why? Each player was instructed to stand in line, call out the name of a teammate, and pass the ball to him before moving to a different line. This was a minor exercise designed for cardiovascular endurance but it should be imbued with urgency, fluidity and rhythm.

Instead, the players were slow in their movements and passes, thus, the explosion from their coach.

Klinsmann's approach toward the USMNT soccer program is rooted in the following aspects:

• Race the clock. The national soccer team in the United States is always racing the clock especially with its standing in the FIFA World Cup dominated by the likes of Portugal and Brazil. The players must always be at par, even go beyond par, during their training and practice sessions.

• Bring in innovations. These innovations are not exactly new in the world of international soccer but many of these are new for American players. These include bringing in a third-party sports training company, pushing unusual treatment techniques like yoga, analyzing the players' blood work for deficiencies, and modifying player nutrition.

Of course, the standard components of a soccer training program - training in endurance, speed, strength, power and flexibility as well as skills and technical training - remain.
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World Cup 2014 Winners [ Who Do You Think ]

world cup 2014 winner Predictions
World Cup 2014 Winner? Do you think Brasil will be the next champion, or maybe USA, Netherland and Germany will grab the most presticious trophy. So here is my predictions.

Brasil Have Many Numerous Great Players
Yes,they play with so many good players and they are good in individual ball playing,but they plays in their homeplace,they have big responsible to be the winner and that is not good for them. So according to me brasil will be in fourth place of world cup winners.

USA Have A Great Chance
30 second in making a goal is fantastic,and this is great for starting in the world cup 2014 soccer game. USA become more and more tactics and good strategy can place the ball in just thirty second and this is the fastest goal making in world cup history. So I think USA will be in first place of world cup's winners.

4 years a go,Netherland is beaten by Spain with just by one Iniesta's goal and i think they will come with huge revenge to play more carefully and good strategy but as long as i see Netherland didn't show they strenght to be in the first place of this football game. So I think Netherland is just in the third place.

Germany Will be in the second place of FIFA 2014 World Cup Soccer Game.

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Send And Receive Money Easy With Skrill

create skrill account for free
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